23 Pics: Streetart in Bologna

What a lovely day!“, she said. „Hey, let’s grab your camera and move on.“ I quickly finish my last sip of coffee (since the italian coffe is so small, there’re only two sips per cup anyway) and put my perforated jacket on. There are not many free seats left in this adorable, tiny cafe. Laughing families. Stressed out waitresses. Carefully ordered little hills of food right next to the counter. And poor people at the entrance, begging for coins that weren’t spent by the well-fed customer. „Yeah, let’s discover the city.“, I reply. „But I’ve already seen most of the attractions in here, didn’t I?“ She starts to smile. „Do you remember these times, when you were little and hated going to museums and stuff?“ „Yeah, feels like it was yesterday. Actually, it was yesterday.“ „Haha. So funny. Anyway, can you remember how your parents or grandparents started to take you there…“ „…don’t forget the boring-as-hell teacher!“ „Listen to me, you dumb-as-hell clown! What I want to tell you, is that – from that point of view – museums are often boring places, where you spend money to see things you weren’t even interested in before, just to please the expectations of people, who naively believed that some meathead like you, could take at least some of the presented information home with him, right?“ „I can totally confirm what you’re saying.“ „Let me tell you, that Bologna is kind of a museum too. But completely different! It’s not boring at all. You don’t have to pay to enter. And it’s not grey or something – it’s colorful.  Just open your eyes, and you’ll discover all the special things, you weren’t able to see before. At places, you’ve probably already been to.“ „Things like what?“ „Things like beauty for example. You’ll see meaningful images. Pictures, that tell amazing, interesting or horrible stories. That make you understand. People. Realities. And – what I can promise – the place you’re visiting right now: Bologna.“

1. „It is difficult to free fools from their chains they revere.“ – Voltaire

2. Never stop chasing your dreams.

3. Syria don’t cry.

4. Owls in the City.

05. Beautiful Bologna.

6. Kobane Resiste

07. Lost in Transition.

08. The Key to Freedom.

09. Passing quiet side streets of Bologna.

10. Bologna è meticcia

11. „Love is the answer, and you know that for sure; Love is a flower, you’ve got to let it grow.“

12. Bomb Walls. Not People.

13. Banksy.

14. The Creepy Bunny.

15. Stories in her Eyes.

16. Happiness.

17. Seeking for Freedom.

18. Heureka! I have an Idea!

19. The Eagle and the Fox.

20. Bologna Fun.

21. It’s in their Hands.

22. Don’t stress. Don’t panic.

23. Always trust people with a book in their hand…

…unless it’s 50 Shades of Grey or something like that.

Nobody wants to introduce as many reforms as children do.

– Frankz Kafka

Here’s the end. You did it. Sick! If you’re still up for more, check out my Pics from Krakow. If not, you should probably check out this one: Blowing Donld Trump’s hair with a trumpet. Thanks for reading.


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