12 Pics: Off to Krakow (12.12.2016)

Enter a bus – take a short 7 hours nap (probably not, because busses are freaking uncomfortable) – arrive in Krakow – and start discovering the city!

That’s what I did in December 2016. Since I have never been to Poland before, I am excited to present you a summary of my first impressions, and give some (totally useless) recommendations: Have some Pierogi on your way (don’t dare not to!), see many other tourists at the main square (meh), run around in the inner city circle and see it’s beautiful parks and buildings. Participate on a guided tour, because otherwise you would have to read a lot of Wikipedia-articles and wouldn’t know where the first (!) McDonalds was opened (meh^2) and why the Kraków Barbican and St. Florian’s Gate is still part of the city (ask me about the story when you meet me, it’s pretty funny). That should be enough for now. Enjoy.

1. Wawel Castle at night.


2. Kid wondering about the accessible head-sculpture „Eros Bendato“ on the main square of Krakow.


Since drinking on the streets is forbidden in Poland, this head becomes the worlds „smallest hostel“ in summer, when students meet up and enjoy drinks in it.

3. Artist hanging up his pictures in the morning.


4. Most Dębnicki at night.


Shoutouts go out to my buddy Guy, who had the patience to wait for me taking roundabout 1.000 pictures, while only wearing a scarf and a thicker T-Shirt. Enjoy your cold buddy.

5. Reflection of the Bazylika Mariacka


6. Christmas market in the city center.


7. Sunny view over the city.


8. Old man feeding pigeons on the street.


10. Wawel Castle at night again. Still cold af. And rainy. Love it.


9. Lonely road to Wawel Castle.


12. Happiness.


The „street of god bodies“ – one of the many toursit attractions in the jewish district. If you’re planning to go to Krakow, never don’t go there (!).

What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open. Life swarms with innocent monsters.

– Charles Baudelaire


Over and out. In case you don’t have enough yet, make sure that you also check out the last blog-post about streetart in Prague.

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