11 Pics: Streetart in Prague (27.11.2016)

Yes, Prague definitely deserves its title „The Golden City“. Convince yourself: Take some time, go to the Petřín- or Letna-Park (Caution: It’s UPHILL!), watch the amazing buildings reflect the colorful lights during a beautiful sunset and maybe have 1 or 2 beer (also kind of golden!). Suddenly you’ll understand, why tourists adore the city center of the Czech capital. But probably you’ll also see, why locals usually avoid this area and tend to stay in their outside districts. And maybe you’ll even recognize, that it is worth to discover these outside districts, to get a feeling for the rythm of this city. From time to time, I decide to do so, and this time I ended up in „Prague 7“. What should I say: Didn’t regret it at all.

1. The Cat Girl


2. Old man on his way home.


3. „Revolution starts in your mind – Join in.“


4. The woman you just passed by.


5. Sceptical Love.


6. Something with hotdogs.


[Edit: A friend of mine told me what the text on the picture is about. So here we go: „The real crocodile hotdog is watching a clash between jurassic sausage and sumo-icecream“. Yup, it’s even better now.]

7. Flowers.


8. Pizzaman <3


9. Grey city. Colorful art.


10. Eat shit. Be shit.


11. „Graffiti saved my life.“


The task of art today is to bring chaos into order.

– Theodor W. Adorno

Alright.. why not.. okay.. let’s post 12 pics then.





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